Charlie & The Chocolate Circus Cast:

Willy Wonka ……Seanmichael Rau

Charlie ……Elijah Leone Cherweznik

Charlotte ……Nina Sawant

Veruca Salt ……Bunny Holmes

Oompa Loompas ……Slater Penney & Althea Young

Mike TV ……Lyra Levin

Violet Beauregarde ……Stephanie Bailey

Agustus Gloop ……Jon Deline

Behind the Scenes:

Bunny Holmes (Artistic Director, Producer, management/administration, website & graphic design, social media, wearer-of-many-hats.)

Reese Brindisi (Photography, tour-roadie/roustabout, superhero, tour production manager, mama’s favorite)

John“Seg” Seggerson (House Manager, logistics, wizard)

Makai Powell (follow spot operator)

(All circus act development & choreography is highly collaborative in nature.)

Performers train independently from the troupe, and come together to create what you see on stage. Special mention to Naomi Hummel, Colin Creveling, SAM Luckey, & Caroline Sownie for acting & clowning coaching.

HiNGE Development:

Storyboard & Concept by Bunny Holmes.

Lead Project Sponsors Melissa Contreras and Scott Watson.

Technical Director Naomi Hummel.

Script by Brian Feraru, Reese Brindisi, and Bunny Holmes.

Acrobatic & Dance Choreography by Naomi Hummel, Lyra Levin, Colin Creveling, Elijah Leone, and Bunny Holmes.

Music composed & produced by Jesse Buddington and Andrew Lowe. Cello by Unwoman, banjo by Nick Drummond, violin by Meredith Yayanos, vocals by Tilley, percussion by Andrew Lowe & Jesse Buddington,  and guitar by Matt Diamant. “Fig Leaf Rag”, “Gold Rush” & “Pinball Spring (Faster)” by Kevin MacLeod ( & a cassete rewind sound sample by Pogotron Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Game design team: Alexei Othenin-Girard, Gary Ware, Andrew Lowe, Kat Meler, and Yoshi Murai. Additional game/experience-design consulting: Albert Kong, Makai Powell, John “Seg” Seggerson, Elijah Leone Cherweznik, Bunny Holmes and Brian Feraru.

App development by Gary Ware. In-app graphic design by Bunny Holmes. Animation assist by Jazz Tigan.

Costumes by Gibbous Fashions and Subverse Industries. Rhinestone assist by Yuri Tajiri, Melissa Contreras, Lillian Berman, and Bunny Holmes.

Set design by Clody Cates

Puppet exoskeleton design & fabrication lead by Arashi Seiraika. Puppet construction assist by Lillian Berman, Reese Brindisi, Naomi Aeva, Elijah Leone Cherweznik, Brian Feraru, Colin Creveling, Rachel Ann, Shannon Walter, David Beihn, Courtney Holmes, and Bunny Holmes.

Puppet joint design & fabrication Jesse Vail, Elijah Leone Cherweznik, and Lyra Levin.

Puppet fur design & creation lead by Naomi Aeva, with digital assist by Joanna Stringer, Lillian Berman, Reese Brindisi.

Makeup design by Bunny Holmes.

Fragrances by Kat Meler.

Light & Theatrical Consulting Noah Nelson, and Michelle Mann.

Photography & Video by RJ Muna, Reese Brindisi, and Ryan Harpo Harbert. Video editing & poster/flier design by Bunny Holmes.

Production Consultant, Elisabeth Aultman.

Outreach & Marketing Bunny Holmes, Robin Battey, Courtney Holmes, and a massive grassroots effort by our collaborators, friends, fans and family, who believe HiNGE is a work of magic worth believing in.

Honorable Mention to our 196 Indiegogo backers, creative-business consultant Aaron Muszalski, alpha & beta play-test audiences, and diligent editors: Sal Nevarez, Julia Udell, Neil Girling, and Jeff Saunders. As well as the incredibly supportive nonprofit orgs Circus Now, Circus Mecca, and our own fiscal sponsors, Fractured Atlas.


HiNGE Cast:

Jack Kastner ……Brian Feraru

Rousty ……Reese Brindisi

Trinket ……Bunny Holmes

Elijah Kastner ……Elijah Leone Cherweznik

Gin ……Lyra Levin

Miranda ……Naomi Aeva

Lucio ……Colin “DonkeyBoy” Creveling

Important Business Cast:

Jack Kåstner, Manager ……Brian Feraru

Jezebel Wilder, Janitor  ……Bunny Holmes

The New Guy ……Elijah Leone Cherweznik

Bethany E. Prideaux, Executive Administrator ……SAM Luckey

Nastassja Volenko, Secretary ……Keely Ann Beyries 

Gertrude Ishkabibble, Lead Administrator  ……Danielle Funkadelica 

A Perfect World Cast:

Dr. Jack Kåstner, Ringmaster ……Brian Feraru

Jezebel Wilder, Clockwork Doll  ……Bunny Holmes 

Elijah Kåstner, Little Brother ……Elijah Leone Cherweznik

Bethany E. Prideaux, Trapeze Artist ……SAM Luckey

Nastassja Volenko, Spy ……Keely Ann Beyries 

La Petite Tilly Rex, Tiny Clown ……Caroline Sownie