The Vespertine Circus is available to perform at your event!

We can provide an array of unusual and awe-inspiring acts to suit all kinds of environments and occasions. We transform the environment in a park or fill a grand stage – we’re flexible! And so is our pricing scheme, we’re used to contorting around all kinds of budgets and give discounts for public schools and non-profits. Please see our Booking FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

We provide two types of entertainment:

  • Stage Performances, from single-acts to full 90 minute theatrical shows! Priced by the act, choreographed & meticulously rehearsed.
  • Arena/Ambient In-Crowd Performances, interactive & delightful for all ages, come play with the circus! Priced by the hour, improvisational by nature.






Hula-Hoop Acts

Living Statue

Mermaids, in-water (with lifeguard/mer-tender.)

Roue Cyr (Wheel Acrobatics)

Life Size Roaming Tiger Puppet

Roaming Characters

Tarot Fortune Telling

Tightrope Walking

Unicycle Acts

Fire Dancing (solo or duet)

  • poi
  • fire fans
  • double staves
  • fire hoop & fire eating
  • (All fire acts come assisted with at least one fire safety technician)

Juggling (solo or duet)

  • balls
  • clubs (singles or passing)

Aerial Acrobatics

  • Aerial Silks
  • Aerial Sling
  • Static Trapeze
  • Corde Lisse
  • Aerial Lyra/Hoop
  • Aerial frame


Note: All Aerial Acrobatics are subject to very specific location requirements as they need a great deal of height and ground space. Outdoor or indoor locations with a ceiling height of 17′ or higher, and 25′ by 25′ of open floor space will accommodate our portable free-standing aerial rig ($100 fee for bringing & assembling the aerial rig at your location).

The Full Show:

A 90 minute long show with 6 performers, multiple aerial acts [trapeze, rope, silks], contortion, clowning, juggling, unicycle, cyr wheel – the works. We will bring the full circus experience to you! Aerial rig, & pre-show puppetry included. [Some acts subject to spacial requirements. Travel fees may apply for locations outside the bay area.] 


If you would like a quote, please send the following information:

Your name:
Type of event:
Date of Performance:
Budget for Circus Performance (if known):
Will this be for a stage (choreographed routines), arena (ambient/roaming performance), or some of each?
Duration of entertainment:
Types of Acts Desired:


Or call:  (510) 470-4456

Email for fastest results! We can reply to Emails more easily than calls when we’re out of office. If you have any questions, please see our Booking FAQ by *clicking here*