Keely Beyries

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  • Jazz and Ballet since 1994
  • Theatre since 2000
  • Modern dance since 2006
  • Hooping since 2010
  • Aerial Acrobatics since 2010
  • Hand balancing/contortion since 2012


Dance Training: Dance of the Rockies (Bayfield, CO), Star Dance Center (Titusville, FL), Titusville Ballet and Jazz (Titusville, FL), Dance Center (Santa Rosa, CA), Shawl Anderson (Berkeley, CA), Lines Ballet (San Francisco, CA)

Theater Training: Titusville Playhouse, Sculptor Performing Arts Program, Sebastopol Center For the Arts

Hooping: Tristan St. Germain (Visionary Alliance)

Aerial Acrobatics: Jaron Hollander (Kinetic Arts), Naomi Hummel (Athletic Playground), Kerri Kresinkski (Athletic Playground)

Hand balancing/contortion: Xia Kemin (Circus Center), Dominik Wyss (Sons of Cayuga)

Noteworthy Clients:

  • U.S.S. Hornet
  • University of California Santa Cruz
  • Fiat

Performance Companies:

  • Dreamtime Circus 2010-2011
  • Fire Pixie Entertainment 2011 – current
  • The Vespertine Circus 2012 – 2014
  • Cirquedelic 2012 – 2014

“That was the best night of my life,” three year old Keely Beyries exclaimed after a dance recital for the Dance of the Rockies.  At the young age of three, Keely, knew that her passion was performing.

She spent ages three through 16 training, performing, and competing in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Between those years she also participated in other physical art forms such as theatre, gymnastics, and figure skating. When she was 18 she began fire dancing, and through this new art form she re-entered the dance world, and discovered the world of circus.  She began training heavily in aerial acrobatics, contortion, and hand balancing then she ran away with the circus!