Booking FAQ

Q: What is the cost of hiring the circus? Why isn’t it listed on your website?

A: There are so many variables that it is easier for us to provide the quote after we know what some of them are. The distance performers are traveling; whether or not that distance will mean we’ll need accommodations near the location; the date (is it a holiday, weekend or weekday?); which large equipment will be transported & whether there be any rigging or site-inspections needed; how many performers and whether we’ll need to bring an assistant/technician; and which acts are being performed are just *some* of the factors we need to account for… okay, that’s most of them, but in all seriousness: If you can tells us exactly WHAT/WHEN/WHERE we will get a price to you asap.

Generally, if you can give us logistical/concrete parameters, such as the physical measurements of the venue and your budget, we will put together a few packages we think would work well for your scenario so you can look and decide what’s best.

Q: How long are your acts?

A: Stage Acts are approximately 5 minutes long and tightly-choreographed, intended for a seated or captive audience. These are the acts we do in our touring circus shows, and are high-energy, high-spectacle affairs.

Q: What do you mean “Ambient”?

A: Ambient entertainment is roaming, interactive, and improvisational by nature. All ambient acts are charged per hour, with a one-hour minimum.

Q: I want to hire an aerialist! What does that entail?

A: Our Aerial Acts each have very specific spatial requirements, so if you are looking to hire an aerialist for your event, we will need to know the ceiling height, and available floor space at your venue before confirming. If you know you have 25′ by 25′ of floor space, and a ceiling height of 20′ or higher, we can do any of our aerial acts. Please don’t guess the height, actually measure – we cannot stress this enough.

Q: I want to hire your wheel acrobat! What does that entail?

A: Our National-Champion Cyr Wheel acrobat can perform in spaces as small as 10′ by 10′, though the more space you have, the more tricks he can do! Floor for wheel acts must be hard, smooth and free of debris.

Q: Where can you spin fire?

A: For safety reasons (and liability insurance reasons) we are only able to offer Fire Dancing outdoors, over concrete, dirt, sand, or green grass. All fire acts come with a trained fire safety technician, a duvetyne fire blanket and extinguisher.

Q: When is our booking confirmed?

A: As soon as we have a signed contract and 50% deposit from you, you are 100% confirmed, and our performers will all save-the-date for you! We do a “soft save” when someone expresses serious interest in a date and we send out an invoice, but this is only good for 5 business days after the inquiry, after which point, performers are likely to book other shows. So please act quickly to ensure you will have the entertainment you’re looking for at your soiree.

Q: What type of insurance do you have?

A: Really really excellent insurance through Specialty Insurance Agency that specifically covers all of the work we do! We will forward a copy for any/all performers upon request. If you need your venue covered as “additional insured”, you will need to ask us to submit forms to make sure that happens in time no less than two weeks before the event. So pretty please find out if that is going to be important as soon as possible.

Q: What type of groups do you give discounts to?

A: We give discounts on performance to a select number of 501c3 non-profit organisations each year, and are happy to discount acts for public schools as part of our youth outreach policy.